Going Home for the Holidays: Taking your dog with you VS Leaving them behind

When we first heard about this debate it seemed like there was an obviously correct side- what kind of person would leave their poor pet alone for the holidays right?… But then again what kind of person would stuff their dog in a crate for a flight?

This is definitely a hot issue and each side has pro’s and con’s.

Taking your dog with you:                    


  • They are part of the family and everyone should be together
  • Separation anxiety when they are not with you
  • You know they are going to be taken care of


  • Travel is not a great experience for dogs- especially if it involves planes/ long trips
  • Taking them to someone else’s house can be a burden
  • Being surrounded by lots of new people can cause anxiety and over excitement

Leaving your dog behind:


  • Let’s be honest… more freedom
  • Easier travel and not burdening family members
  • Less planning and packing of dog supplies


  • Where to leave them is always an issue. With friends? With a dog sitter? Boarding? You need to have an option you trust
  • Can be a very expensive option

What do you think? How do you make these decisions?

4 thoughts on “Going Home for the Holidays: Taking your dog with you VS Leaving them behind

  1. How about the option …………….. I’m having Christmas at home with my dog because none of the other options are feasible!
    I understand that you are a new Follower of our (me and Ray) blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as Ray and I enjoying writing it! To be totally honest, I do the writing because Ray is not very good at it but he is extremely proficient at giving me the material to write about! 🙂


    • We agree- long flights can be hard on pups and it’s great to have the option of pet sitters (in fact we just posted about it and would love to hear your take as pet sitters!)

      Thanks for visiting us.


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