Love, devotion and loyalty. The heartwarming stories of some amazing dogs

During our launch event we were surprised by the number of people who came and asked us where we got the idea for our name Hachiko.

The story of Hachiko is one of enduring loyalty and we could not think of a better name to show the connection between dog and human.


Hachiko was an Akita dog born in 1923 in Japan who was adopted by Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. Hachiko used to accompany his owner everyday to the Shibuya train station, to see him off to work. At the end of the day Hachiko would come back and wait for his owner at the station. One day Hidesaburō Ueno passed away while at work. Hachiko waited for hours for his owner to return though he never did. Every day for 9 years Hachiko would go back to the station at the end of the day to wait for his owner to come home. In time commuters knew Hachiko and would feed him as he waited for the master that would never return. When Hachiko died in 1935 his story turned to legend that symbolizes the loyalty and enduring connection between human and dog.

We don’t think this story surprises any dog parent, though we still goosebumps whenever we tell it. And we’ve heard of more and more stories similar to Hachiko.


Capitán was a German Shepherd from Argentina who ran away from home after his owner Miguel Guzmán passed away in the hospital in 2006. He was found a few days later sitting vigil at his owners grave, despite never having been at the hospital or graveyard. Though he would leave to spend time with his family he returned every night for 6 years to the grave.


Fido was living in Italy during WWII and was adopted by a kiln worker named Carlo Soriani. Every day Fido would wait by the bus station for his owner to return, not leaving until he was off the bus (and mind you this was during a time when Italy was bombed daily). One day his owner was killed in an air raid. And Fido spent the next 14 years waiting for his owner. His story gained media attention and crowds would come to watch Fido. He would wait, look at all the people coming of the bus and when he would not come out he would walk away dejected. Fido passed away waiting for Soriani and was buried next to his master outside the cemetery of Luco di Mugello.

These dogs and their devotion are amazing and touching, but after let’s also celebrate the happy reunions.. this should cheer you up.

Tell us your favorite stories that symbolize this bond!

New Wearable Dog Technology? Why yes! Exclusive Launch event May 30-31st in NYC at Zoomies

Big News everyone! We are proud and happy to be hosting our NYC launch event on May 30-31 in NYC at the iconic and legendary Zoomies.

If you are in the area we would love to meet you, and if you are not then be sure to tell your friends and family!

We also have a brand new website, and would love it if you took a look!

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Drink Responsibly (& for a good cause)

ChateauLaPaws Banner

We have found our new favorite wine!

They have great Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Red Blend. But most importantly they support no kill shelters!

If you don’t know Chateau La Paws then it’s time you did.

The wine is made in California, and they support shelters throughout the US and are giving $100,000 this year to the North Shore Animal League America. Their labels feature adorable pups to raise awareness.

Look at their site for more information on where to buy, and make sure to spread the word.

Finally a great reason to drink!

chateau-la-paws 3bottles

To groom, not to groom, and to over groom

Over grooming

When is it grooming… and when is it just too much?

The other day I was walking in NYC (more like freezing in NYC). It’s always a sight to see people walking their dogs when the temperatures drop below freezing. You can see the reluctant walkers being dragged by their parents, the thick coated dogs jumping in the snow and slush, and then I did a massive double take. Was it just me or did I see a poodle with a green Mohawk.

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve been some.. well let’s call it “creative grooming” (who can forget leaving Ms. Soufie with friends only to come home and find they decided to ‘punk her out’):


And yes it was adorable, but it made me think. Is it ok? Is it too much? Some are staunch against using dyes on dogs citing health risks from the toxins and even potential psychological ramifications.

And we are not even getting into the whole aspect of dog shows- and grooming contest.

Personally we prefer a natural look and we think it’s best of the health of the dog. But check out some of the scary, crazy and more pictures below and tell us what you think?

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Black and White Lazy Sunday

Isn’t this what Sundays are for?


Ms. Souffie did not enjoy the intrusion into her personal space.


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A walk in the woods


164CED34-93BA-4D71-866B-261FAEEA65A5Yesterday we went for a picnic and came across this guy.

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Urban Dog Parenting- What is this all about?


Being a parent is hard. Being a dog parent is really hard. Your dog is always dependent on you, you strive to make sure they are well cared for, happy and content.

And not everyone understands the level of commitment, time, effort and of course love that goes into this role. But we do.

So we are here to help. We want to create a space for you, the dog parents, to talk freely about your challenges and your questions. And we want to provide you with support, to make dog parenting easier for you.

Simply put we are looking to empower you to be the hero in your dog’s life.